7 Slang Words That Were Made Popular By These Musicians

Beyoncé. Photo: Parkwood

Over the years musicians and other public figures have had a great influence on our culture. Their prowess penetrates through entertainment and even politics. They’ve been able to alter our languages a little bit giving us some jives and jargons which have been popularised and being used.

Below are some of the words you didn’t know were invented by celebrities

1. Stan

From Tupac to Lil Wayne: Eminem Shares His Greatest Rappers of All Time  List | Billboard

Stan was coined up by Eminem from his 2000 hit stan.  Stan means a fan who is super obsessed with a celebrity  .

Eg. I am Drake’s stan

2. Speaking of drake he  popularised YOLO. “Popularised” because the phrase You Only Live Once was already a thing  but drake being drake  tweaked it and produced YOLO from his song the motto at 2012 featuring lil Wayne and tyga

Drake Extends Streaming Songs Record With Features on DJ Khaled's 'Popstar'  & 'Greece' | Billboard

3. Issa

21 Savage: Atlanta rapper really from UK, say US immigration - BBC News

21 savage tweeted about his ISSA album in 2017  and said he will be making issa a word . Issa is the portmanteau of it is a… quite creative from the savage huh?

4. Bootylicious

Stream Beyoncé's 'Black Is King': How to Watch the Visual Album on Disney  Plus | Entertainment Tonight

Queen Bey brought up bootylicious a very interesting word. Fortunately or unfortunately  I can’t explain this particular word but then it’s very self explanatory and it was brought up by beyonce so……🤷‍♀️

5. Boo’d up

Ella Mai - Wikipedia

Ella Mai also brought up boo’d up after releasing her hit single from her Ready album. To be boo’d up means to be in a romantic relationship

6. Bodied

Eminem Gets Political in a New Collab With Kid Cudi

Bodied is also a slang that has been in the system since I don’t remember.  But eminem’s movie Bodied which was released in 2017 popularised the slang. Bodied means to kill or murder someone.  It can be used literally or with a spice of pun.

Eg. He bodied the guy at the rap battle

7. Chargie

Davido And Jamaican Artist Popcaan Fight Dirty On Instagram

Chargie is actually patois from Jamaica meaning a friend or someone to die for or a place or someone that gives you happiness or a different kinda energy. But we here got exposed to chargie by davido and popcaan’s song risky

Music has  been a  tool since . Musicians sometimes get what they want to say to the public through music so  it’s quite normal that it has been able to change the way we say certain things. 

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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