Ways You Can Get Scammed In Ghana

Here in Ghana, you really have to use your head as you walk about in town otherwise people will take you “fi ediat” (for an idiot).

You really need to be alert at all times to make sure you aren’t scammed. Here are 4 ways Ghanaians get scammed on a daily basis.

1. Momo Fraud

Image of a frustrated black man via zikoko.com

Mobile money is here to stay as it is very convenient and easy to access but these scammers have found a way to get your money through it. Some will send messages stating that you’ve received an amount of money just like how your network provider does when you actually get an alert and will call you immediately after to tell you that they mistakenly sent you the money so you should send it back. The funny part of this scam is that, usually the people who do this aren’t too bright. They have a lot of spelling mistakes that you can use to identify that it isn’t real. Also, immediately after, you have to check your balance or call your network provider to be sure that the transaction they claim happened actually did.

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