The Best Undiscovered And Underrated Ghanaian Songs From The Month Of July

cover art for Camidoh's debut EP

For weeks now, I have been sharing the songs I have been listening to all week. Some of you probably saw it, some of you may have ignored it but…the real gees are those who actually took my suggestions and found mindblowing music!!

For those yet to try out my taste, these are the songs we were listening to all through July and I can promise you they are the creme de la creme out of the bunch!

Camidoh’s Contingency Plan

Camidoh dropped a perfect EP that’s seen nothing but back to back praise from everyone and each time I listen to the song, I’m so proud that the future of music is in stable hands

ToluDaDi’s Stimuli

This is definitely up there on my Top 3 albums for 2020. If you love authentic music that sounds like a live band setting, you should pay attention to this album.

Phronesis’ Blessings

I’m a sucker for authentic reggae/Dancehall music made in GH by Ghanaians and this young singer’s talent just blows my mind every single time he drops a song or freestyle.

Lhardd’s Goosebumps

At this point you know I am into alternative music and this soothing love song from Lhardd makes me feel all types of warm any time I listen to it!

If I were you, I’d keep these songs on replay till the week, ends! If you’d want to put me on to new music too, dm me on Twitter or Instagram and I just might feature your suggestion this August.


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