Megan Thee Stallion Opens Up About Shooting Incident

Megan Thee Stallion Suffered Gunshot Wounds in Tory Lanez Incident,

Megan Thee Stallion has opened up about the incident that led to her being shot in the foot.

On Monday, the rapper took to Instagram Live where she shed light on the injuries she sustained.

While this is an amazing story, the reason for her recovery is very grim. After Megan was shot, she took to social media where he disclosed that the incident was an intentional attack against her. Although she didn’t name the shooter, she was in the presence of Tory Lanez and her friend when it happened. Her associate then clarified to her followers that she was not behind the trigger, leaving Lanez as the only suspect.

Despite stating that she was deliberately attacked, stories started to surface as to what motivated the shooting. In almost every alleged account people painted Megan—the woman without a deadly weapon—as the aggressor. This forced Megan to explain that there was nothing she could have done to warrant being shot in both of her feet.

“It’s nothing to joke about. It’s nothing to make up fake stories about,” Megan said. “I didn’t put my hands on nobody. I didn’t deserve to get shot. I didn’t do shit.”

Additionally, it was rumored that Lanez accidentally shot Megan in her foot. Yet not only did Megan say that the attack was intentional, but she was also shot more than once in both feet. This would make the incident rap’s Magic Bullet Theory if Megan was able to sustain these wounds from a mere accidental discharge.

Megan has been on a wild ride towards stardom. No longer is she the fun-loving girl who would pull up to gas stations and stun the internet with her rhymes. Now, she’s a household name who is in a position to dominate her second consecutive summer. This might be what every artist wants but she had to climb a lot of mountains. Meg has battled label issues and juggled the loss of her mother and grandmother before a gun was even raised on her. This is something she touched on when explaining how she’s now focused on protecting herself and her energy.

“Imagine being 25 and you don’t have both of your parents. My momma was my best friend—I’m still not really over that. So you kind of try to fill your space with a bunch of people that you think are making you happy,” Megan said while choking back tears. “I thought I was ready to give good energy to other people and other people wasn’t ready to give good energy to me.”

Hopefully, after deading any rumors Megan can return to focusing on her recovery and healing from this traumatizing experience.

Source: Complex

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