Africa Has Paid For The Advancement Of Humanity In Blood – Fuse ODG Argues

Fuse ODG
Fuse ODG

August 1, is emancipation day and Fuse ODG wants Africans and people of African descent to mark this day with the full knowledge of how important they are and how much they are owed by those who pushed the slavery agenda more than four hundred years ago.

In a series of Instagram posts, the Ghanaian musician refers to history and accuses the Catholic Church for its involvement in the Trans Atlantic Slave trade.

He accused them of using the word of God to enslave Africans. Citing the succession of Catholic Popes approving the invasion of Africa by Europeans.

In a video recorded from the Elmina Castle where a church was built right above a slave dungeon, Fuse ODG highlighted the cruelty that Africans experienced at the hands of the ‘God-fearing’ Europeans.

“It’s impossible to look at the fruits of the Catholic church and many other organized religions and conclude they are not the work of Satan himself. (Founding the slave trade, Rape, Genocide, War, Corporate Child Abuse),” the musician wrote in another Instagram post.

With his “Time for spiritual warfare” campaign, Fuse ODG wants Africans to reclaim their story and all that they are owed for being subjected to centuries of slavery.

This, he believes, can be done through the renewal of the African mind and breaking away from the chains of mental slavery.

Who are you, my dear African?


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