Nii Djormor Sackey: How He Earned His Masters Degree In USA While Holding Down Three Jobs

Nii Djormor Sackey

Diamond, gold and many other amazing things in this world have one thing in common.

They have to go through fire or heat to emerge bright and shinny on the other side.

Such is similar to the story of Nii Djormor Sackey which was detailed by Edward Asare on Twitter.

Nii recently received an MBA in Energy Systems with a GPA of 3.72 from the University of Central Oklahoma in the United States of America.

Which is no ordinary feat on its own, but the circumstances surrounding it is extra ordinary.

When Nii was learning to obtain his Master’s Degree, he was also working as an Uber and Postmates driver at night, a Teaching Assistant in the morning and a truck unloader in the afternoon.

As the TA he taught General Physics and Physical Chemistry in the Maths and Science department of the University.

It is a surprise that he was able to get time on his hands to complete his own academic work.

Before moving to the United States to chase his Masters Degree, Nii had gone to study in China.

He went on to China to pursue a degree in Petroleum Engineering Oil and Gas at Liaoning Shihua University graduating with a GPA of 3.54.

Only to return to Ghana for 6 months to start a job as an MC, hosting events.

Today, the former Visual Arts student at Accra Academy has landed a new position with Jasco Products as an E-commerce Specialist.

Source: Edward Asare||

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