6 Almighty Cheating Skills In Every Exam Hall

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This is for the bad boys and girls who should be in jail for displaying these skills in the exam hall.

The different types of cheating skills.

The Whisperers 

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They’re the ones who will not stop whispering your name even if you ignore them. “Pssstt!! Number 1 to number 40” “Ssss! Ssss! What is photosynthesis?”

The Giraffers 

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They do the neck stretching. You’d be surprised that they’re actually seeing your work and copying!

The Alo Mathematicians

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No matter what the paper is, they’d have a calculator or math set with them. Most of the time, their apor objective answers are hidden in the calculator or scratched into their math set. The trick is to hide it all with the million things found in a math set.

The Tattooists

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They find a way to write all their apor somewhere on their skin. In their palms, on their thighs… anywhere they can, they will.

The Sheet Swappers 

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These ones are bold! They’d swap papers with the person next to them and copy their work or find a way to sneakily grab the persons paper to copy before time is up. This form of cheating is extremely dangerous but can be gotten away with.

The Secret Weapon Holders

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They know how to hide sheets or pieces of papers anywhere… inside a pen, in their bras, pockets, in their shoe… anywhere at all, just name it. 

If you ever tried any of these, just hold on for a second let’s call the police. Drop your locations in the comments section. 

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