10 Hood Black Hairstyles From The 90s And Early 2000s

I saw a thread on hood black hairstyles from the 90s and early 2000s on twitter and wow!

It reminded me of how really versatile our hair is. Back in the day, a lot of women prided themselves in their permed hair and the multitude of styles they could achieve with them.

Black Americans took things up a notch with the styles! I remember seeing some of these looks in old movies I watched when I was younger. If we had to do these styles again, salons would probably charge us an arm and a leg and they wouldn’t even really do them well.

Apart from the talent, gel and curlers that jumped out from the images for me, I see a lot of heat use and heat damage but that really isn’t the point of this write up.

Here are 10 nostalgic images that show how far we’ve come when talking about black hair.


Image via @JAMAICANSONYA on Twitter


Image via @JAMAICANSONYA on Twitter

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