What To Expect At A Ghanaian Wedding

Ghanaian weddings are actually really fun to be at whether you attend with someone or not. Even though corona still lurks around and the cases in Ghana keep going higher and higher, people are still having their weddings done with strict hygienic protocols of course.

If you’ve been to a number of Ghanaian weddings, we are sure you will be able to relate to these things. Here are 5 things to always expect at a Ghanaian wedding.

1. It will start late

Lol! How is it that you’re attending a Ghanaian wedding if it doesn’t start an hour or 2 later than they said it would. If they say the event will start at 9am, best believe that it will start at 11am. If it’s a church wedding, the only reason why it will start early is if the church has rules against lateness and the priest/pastor has to officiate another wedding or funeral right after. Even with that, the wedding will probably start about 20minutes later. It is what it is.

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