Top 5 Sneakers Everyone Definitely Has To Own

With the help of a sneakerhead and the owner of the @hub_accessoiregh page on Instagram (where they sell original and affordable sneakers; just let them know your budget), we gathered these 5 sneakers every sneakerhead should own.

1. Nike Air Force Low Rise

It’s a classic sneaker and never going to go out of style. It’s affordable and goes with almost every outfit. People rock it with suits, others have rocked it in skirts and dresses and even bikinis as well. It’s very versatile. If you get tired of the plain colour, you can customise them. They are more like canvases where you can express yourself artistically on them. If you go for the already designed ones, you will spend so much because of the way they come and they’re currently introducing a lot of colourways. It’s easier to get get the plain one and customise it later. Customization can be done by @hub_accessoiregh as well.

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