How To Get Your Music Featured On

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If you’re an upcoming artiste or an A List artiste or a publicist for an artiste and you want your music featured on, just follow these steps!

Make sure your content is fire!

You need to be confident about your music before you send it because if your song isn’t good, it’d be hard putting it out there for people to say “Kuulpeeps recommended it.” It’s a bad rep for us.

Send links to your music to [email protected]

Now if it’s a song you want us to consider for our Music Unboxed playlist and features, please put MUSIC UNBOXED in the subject line of your mail

If it’s a song or project you dropped that you’d like me to share my opinions on via a review (good or bad) put REVIEW in the subject line of your mail.

If it’s a song or project you’ve released and want us to just put on the website, type in “MUSIC RELEASE” in the subject line of your mail.

Always make sure your music links come with a press release/write up: a word document or pdf that talks about your music, the inspiration behind it, a brief bio about yourself, your social media handles and distribution links to where the song is available.

Ps: We get a lot of mails so if you send your music with a brief write up (press release), it’s easier to put it up immediately without spending too much time on it.

Always add at least two high-quality photos (really nice pictures) of yourself and other important images you think we’d need.

If you send a really good song that catches our attention, you’d get to be featured on my weekly “What We Are Listening To This Week” article.

Don’t forget to add every information you think we’d need in your mails.

Always add your social media handles so we know who to tag on social media when we share your stories!

And don’t act weird… we are nice people and will reply you if we have to. 

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