How Football Fans Reacted To Henderson’s FWA Footballer Of The Year Triumph

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson (image via Twitter)

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, on Friday July 25, was named winner of the Football Writers’ Association (FWA) Footballer of the Year award for the 2019/20 season.

The 30-year-old midfielder, who led Liverpool to their first league title in 30 years this season, received more than a quarter of the votes.

The Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year is an annual award given to the player who is adjudged to have been the best of the season in English football.

The Liverpool captain saw off stiff competition from Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne and Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, as well as team-mates Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mane, to claim the honour.

Jordan Henderson being adjudged as FWA Footballer of the Year has generated some interesting reactions from football fans all over the world. However, we will focus on the reactions of Ghanaian football fans.

Some are happy, some are disgusted, some say he does not deserve it, others tried to give reasons why he won, among other interesting reactions.

Here’s how football fans reacted to Henderson winning the FWA Footballer of the Year:

There are those who think Jordan Henderson did not deserve the award

Those who feel there is an agenda to always award Liverpool players.

Those who think other Liverpool players should have been given the award.

Those who could not understand why he was given the award.

Those who were not surprised because of previous incidents.

Those who tried to explain why Henderson won the award.

While majority of football fans questioned why Henderson was given the award, others celebrated and teased those who are angry that the Liverpool captain won the award.

To justify why Henderson deserved to win the award, other football fans indicated that N’Golo Kante also won the award without scoring a lot of goals or providing many assists.

Others, however, did not support the comparison, indicating that Kante’s impact on the Chelsea team that won the 2016/17 Premier League was much better that Henderson’s.

Let’s end this with laughter…

Kobby Dexter thinks another player deserves the award more than Henderson and Kevin De Bruyne.

Check out his choice:


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