Being Celibate Has Sifted The Trash In My Life – My Celibacy Story

Today’s anonymous contributor is a 22-year-old female called Miss K who is a student in one of the Universities in Ghana

I’ve been celibate since my last relationship ended; that’s like 1 year, 7 months now.

I feel like it was easier in the beginning because I was still hung up on the person and trying to get over him. Nobody really interests you so the first few months was really really easy.

“Being celibate has really sifted the trash in my life, to be honest. Lol. Some people come into your life just because they want to sleep with you and once they find out that there’s no chance of doing that since you’re celibate, they end it.”

In the first year, it really wasn’t hard because I wasn’t even interested in the people who were approaching me but quite recently, a very tangible spice has come along and it’s making me wonder if I can continue. Lmao!

But all in all, I feel like being celibate is a really good thing. I’m not even talking about the religious aspect of it but I feel like it has really helped me personally. Currently, some people don’t come into my life because they know that I will not mind them but if you know this about me and you still decide to stay or continue talking to me, I know that maybe, this person’s head is screwed on right.

It really doesn’t get to me much because I don’t go out often. I’m always in my corner and school is stressful asf to be thinking about sex.

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