Photos: David LaChapelle Captures Celebrities In An Out Of The Ordinary State

David LaChapelle Captures Celebrities In An Out Of The Ordinary State (Kanye-West-Riot)

David LaChapelle is an American photographer who has worked with many pop stars until he got tired, took a break, and went back.

Shooting Minaj’s pregnancy shoot wasn’t the first time shooting Celebrities.

The photographer is known for capturing things that are out of the ordinary, making well-known people do unpopular things.

David LaChapelle made his name by shooting celebrities colliding with consumer detritus: baubles, flowers, and fame recombining in delirious explosions of color. In the nineties and early aughts, his slick aesthetic, which lifts lavishly from Christian pageantry and Renaissance painters, was inescapable, splashed across fashion editorials, advertisements, and music videos. By 2007, having been derided in some quarters as a vapid commercialist, he’d left the business and absconded to Maui, where he lived off the grid at a shuttered nudist colony.

Venus of Willendorf (Pink) (2016)

image by David LaChapelle

With this image, LaChapelle reimagines the Venus of Willendorf, the limestone figurine considered to be one of the earliest depictions of female fertility ever made. She was found in Austria in 1908, and believed to have been sculpted around 25,000 years ago. The figure, possibly a depiction of a maternal goddess, was said to be covered in a rose tint, which LaChapelle’s version exaggerates in shiny, bright magenta.

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