5 Ridiculous Myths About ‘Underground Artistes’ In Ghana

Underground artistes Ghana
The young rappers shortlisted after the Biibiba Challenge //image via social media

Upcoming artistes are always taking some heat or the other when all they want to do is focus on their music and “blow”.

These are some misconceptions Ghanaians have about upcoming artistes commonly referred to as underground artistes and sadly, it’s one of the many reasons why people disrespect or treat them a certain way.

“Underground artistes are broke”

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Not everyone is and besides, broke people are everywhere!

Some upcoming artistes are actually quite rich. Some have great paying jobs and are doing music on the side. Others too were born into enough money to get access to any amount they want to use for anything. A few are making enough money for themselves through their music as well and though it’s not a reflection of the ‘baller life’ we expect to see, this doesn’t mean they are all desperately hungry.

“Underground artistes are school dropouts”

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For some reason, people think you only decide to go into music when school fails.

Some think that anyone who decides to rap or sing as their chosen career probably failed WASSCE and couldn’t get into the University or dropped out of school just to live the “artiste” life but…you’d be surprised that a number of artistes have several degrees. Some are doctors, engineers and more and… even more impressive is that some are still in school, doing assignments, writing exams and taking time to drop music too.

“Underground artistes aren’t smart”

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This is one of the dumbest notions because it takes some level of intelligence to be able to make music. Good music. If anything, most artistes are definitely smarter than the average listener. It’s not an easy job putting down lyrics that make sense and are entertaining as well. Rhyming, wordplay, ‘deep’ lyrics aren’t something anyone can do…that’s why we are all not pursuing music.

“Underground artistes have no aim in life”

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If they have found their path and are pursuing something that makes them happy, then please, it’s pretty obvious that they do have an aim and a direction they want to move in and are working towards their goal. It certainly doesn’t make them bums or a lowlife.

“Underground artistes are not talented”

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Have you heard some of them??

Most of them make music better than what the A-listers are doing but because they haven’t struck that magic button that propels them to fame doesn’t mean they are bad at what they are doing. Honestly, the best music in Ghana is with these upcoming acts and with time, some of them will be recognized by most people. And for those making “bad music”…everyone starts from somewhere and has to learn right? So maybe, with time, they just might get there.

So…instead of running with these myths and putting all these artistes down, how about we push them, encourage them and give them a chance to share their music with us?!

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