The Recipe To Blow According To AY Poyoo And ‘Friends’

AY Poyoo
AY Poyoo, self acclaimed face of GH Rap (image via Twitter)

AY Poyoo, Patapaa, Ablekuma Nana Lace, Shatta Bandle… the list can go on and on!

These social media sensations pop up every few months and take over the media, ride on the popularity wave for a while before dropping off because well… the average Ghanaian’s attention span just doesn’t last long enough. 

In as much as people are enjoying whatever comic relief they come with, lots of artistes are lowkey irritated that these guys are getting all the attention. Some blame it on the media and accuse Ghanaians of loving ‘nkwasiasem.’ Calling us people who love to hype unnecessary things.

Well, there’s news for anyone who thinks like that.

There is a reason why these characters ‘blow’ and it’s not as shallow as you think. In fact, it’s something everyone needs to observe and find a way to apply to their brand!

You’d be surprised but these guys have the recipe to blowing!

The Look!

Top trending - Goat by Ay Poyoo - New Era Live
AY Poyoo, self acclaimed face of GH rap

Every single one of these social media sensations stand out. AY Poyoo is always shirtless and carries a goat around, Ablekuma Nanalace always has his bandana, Patapaa and Shatta Bandle… they are just interesting to look at.

It’s important to have a unique look so you’re easily identifiable. Their “ridiculous” look is part of their brand and it’s really hard to be forgettable when you’ve got something about you that stands out before you even speak. It makes people more curious about you and it’s very easy to catch attention.

That’s how people started playing their videos in the first place.

A unique style

Call them all trash but their music style is definitely what got people sharing their videos everywhere. Ablekuma Nanalace has this unique style of rapping that makes people laugh first before they stop to think about what he’s saying. AY Poyoo just blabs on about the most mundane stuff and just sounds ridiculous but…that’s what made him popular not just in Ghana but, out of Ghana too!

Nobody sounds like them and that’s why they are viral.

Extremely entertaining 

Want to know why these ‘ridiculous’ people always get media time? It’s because they are entertaining! Media houses have an audience and their audience want to be entertained. So yes, you may have a really good song you’ve been pushing for months now but, compared to an AY Poyoo or Shatta Bandle, who do you think will be called for an interview faster?

Everyone’s doing hip-hop, everyone’s doing afrobeats. No matter how talented you are, it’s easy to forget you if you haven’t got that extra special thing. These guys have it.

Sometimes it’s not only about the talent…it’s the whole package: your looks, your content and if you are sellable.

Of course, these inexperienced guys will ride the short wave of fame for a while and drop off but, if they are smarter than Patapaa who managed to ride on his One Corner wave to becoming an almost A-List artiste with huge features and worldwide tours, imagine how unstoppable they will be.

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