Relive Your “By The Fireside” Days With The Culture EP

The Culture EP
The Culture EP

Just as the name suggests, the EP tries to dig deep into our Ghanaian roots with our high life and hip life tunes. A whole new blend of Local Highlife tunes with Hip-hop melodies fused with Afrocentric tunes that would just make you feel and realise you’re Ghanaian and you have a Music Culture that’s Cherished by millions of people in the World.

Imi Brian, a multi-talented artiste yet again with another masterpiece in collaboration with cocosound makes you miss the days where things were simple. You will keep on feeling nostalgic and reminiscing on the good times.

With distinctive flow and wordplay, Imi narrates the life of the good old days, where Ghana was the epitome of African music till it was infiltrated with western culture to the extent that even the locals don’t value a good high life beat
The 7 track EP started with “Feels”. With a lo-fi type beat beginning, Imi Brian shows off from the onset of his abilities to sing and rap. The song talks about a lot of things depicting the deep thinking the artiste has done over the years building up mixed feelings inside him. There is no better way to let things out than to throw it on a sick beat

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Kojo Antwi, “Carry Go” number 2 on the tracklist talks about love and break up but from a different perspective. The song is directed to a profound “ex” telling her he is still in love with her but if e no go source he dey carry ein stuff dey go.
The trumpet and the bass symphony at the beginning of this song will make you miss ‘Lil down low by BIB’ one of the 2000s classic. Still on the ex thread, talking about how his relationship with her caused so much harm than good with her thinking he would be thrown in the abyss after she leaves but he is saying “Hang On”, actually I’m doing better off without you

Classical, pure and beautiful Ghanaian highlife beat, “Sunrise”, the headline of the EP, critically positioning the song to serve as a bridge between the first part of the EP and the 2nd part. This track talks about the culture, landmarks and turning points that wrote and rewrote our heritage. Unpopular opinion: 90% of people who have listened to the EP says this song is their favourite

Hallelujah “Amen” interestingly that’s not the beginning of the track. A prayer song and a song depicting elements of the CULTURE. The song praying for the motherland and every lost soul and any individual in hard times

“Symphony” gets it imprints on you from the beginning no cap. The artiste talks about how he loves embarking on his passion. It also talks about his love for his day ones and the new ones
When life gives you a young lemon, make a ” Young lemonade”. This song is a whole mood talking about the separation of two lovers. And still living on hope and past memories the song calls out to the special someone

If you want to relate to your roots like Kunta Kinte and feel something authentic like Ghanaian highlife we recommend this EP for you. Currently with over 2.83k streams and downloads on audiomack, this joint is the bomb. Stream the EP below with this link


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