Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Relationship Private

couple in love Source:
couple in love Source:

I recently saw a video of Kiki, one party of Ghana’s favourite couple, Kiki and Jay, crying about how he and Jay broke up. Apparently, she sent him a text or something saying it was over. I mean, these people always do pranks like this but people think this time, it’s for real especially because Kiki has created a new channel for himself.

This whole relationship saga plus the whole entanglement issue with Jada and August made me realise that it truly is important to keep your relationship private, especially for peace of mind.

If August hadn’t said anything, nobody would have known about the relationship he had with Jada. Now, I am not against showing everyone the love of your life on social media. We just don’t want to know every single detail about the relationship.

Here are some reasons why I think relationships should be kept private.

1. You will be letting the wrong type of people in

Think about it. Posting videos of you and your partner constantly attracts the wrong people. People are just sitting around looking for avenues to hate on you and in doing this, you’re serving them the opportunity on a silver platter. Those “it will end in tears” comments won’t stop coming. People will start getting critical and analyzing your pictures and videos. To be quite honest, you need to psyche yourself up and be ready for those nasty social media addicts who just can’t wait to troll you.

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