Did You Know: 6 Bizarre Fabrics Used For Clothes

image of Sweet Corn via harrisseeds.com

You know different fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and the likes but did you know that there are a number of designers who work with items such as fermented wine and things like solar fabrics?

Well, designers, artists, and businesses are always ready to innovate and so, here are 6 of the strangest sources of fabric you may, or may not, be wearing in the future.

1. Old cassette tapes

Image via listverse.com

Billions of tapes were made a while back and most of them will have ended up in landfill sites.

Sonic Fabrics are the brainchild of artist and designer Alyce Santoro who takes the tape out of old cassettes and mixes them with polyester fibres before making clothes out of them. The material produced feels like denim but has not entirely lost its musical roots.

By taking a cassette player that has been modified and running it over the fabric the music held in the old tape comes to life and you can hear what was recorded on them. Sort off. Because the tapes are interwoven the effect is described as “like scratching five records backwards at once.”

2. Coconuts

Image source: the-sustainable-fashion-collective.com

Coconuts have provided humans with quite a bit of usable material, including the milk, meat, and oil, which have been used for thousands of years. Only recently have we discovered that coconut shells and fibers can be used as fabric. More than 20 billion coconuts are used each year in the food, medical, and cosmetic industries, and those billions of coconuts produce a lot of waste. Only recently has Cocona Inc. developed a way to use all of those discarded shells: turning them into clothing which, when blended, improves the drying time and the odor absorption of the items.

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