The Most Emotional Nicki Minaj Songs That Will Make You Weep

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Nicki Minaj is definitely every ‘bad beetch’s’ favourite rapper. She’s a badass and everyone loves her for it.

She’s been carrying the Queen of Rap crown ever since she tried it on and has been compared with big male rappers in the hiphop world. She’s featured on several songs with big name rappers and her verse almost always come on top as the best!

But…inasmuch as she is our ‘bad beetch’ shooting fire verses left, right and centre, there are times where she’s made us cry too with her music.

These are our Top emotional songs from Nicki

#5 Bed Of Lies ft Skylar Grey

Perfect for when you remember what that ex did to you. All those lies you believed that led to your eventual heartbreak.

#4 Crying Game

Apparently, this song is about her failed relationship with Safaree. She wanted to keep pushing her career but he wanted to settle down. This song just reeks of pain…pain that the love of your life couldn’t support you like you wanted.

#3 Dear Old Nicki

This is the kind of song you sing while staring at yourself in the mirror. You know you’ve changed, and you miss your old self but you need to have a conversation with yourself. This is a heartbreak song to yourself. The kind that makes you reflect on all your life choices.

#2 I Lied

I lied is an emotional song everyone can sing about. That girl or guy you knew you had to stay away from for your own good. You had to let them go for your own sanity and…it hurt but you still had to do it.

#1 Grand Piano

Top of the list, at number one is this song. Her emotions and everything about the song just makes you cry even if you cannot relate with the heartbreak story.

Which one has honestly made you cry before?

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