Perez Chapel Debunks False Allegations Against Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare is the founder of Perez Chapel International (image via Perez Chapel)

Perez Chapel International has debunked allegations levelled against Bishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder of the Church, over a loan application.

Bishop Agyinasare, who was a one-time board chairman of FirsTrust Savings and Loans Company, is said to have allegedly applied for a loan from the now-defunct bank, as well as, GN Bank.

According to a statement signed by Apostle Raymond Acquah, the Administrative Bishop of Perez Chapel, the allegations are ridiculous and mischievous, adding that Bishop Agyinasare never applied for a loan from FirsTrust Savings and Loans Company and GN Bank.

“I am to state on authority that Bishop Charles Agyinasare has never applied for nor secured any loan from the collapsed FirsTrust Savings & Loans Company and GN Bank. The allegation is a complete fabrication and it therefore false,” the statement read.

The Church, however urges the general public to “disregard this failed attempt to malign Bishop Charles Agyinasare.”

Below is a copy of the statement:

Statement from Perez Chapel International debunking false allegations against Bishop Charles Agyinasare


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