Dressing For Your Body Type – Pear Shaped Women

Most of us are oblivious to the basics. We don’t know how to dress for our body types so when we buy clothes, they tend to look off on us, and we end up leaving them at the back of our wardrobes or even giving them out.

That needs to stop, so here are some tips and tricks on how to dress for your body type if you are pear shaped. If you’re not sure of the type of body you have, read all about it here.

What to wear if you have a pear shaped body


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Since your hips are wider than your shoulders and boobs and you have a small waist, you would need to pull more attention to your top part.

You can go crazy with different types of tops including those with plunging necklines, Bell sleeves, scoop necks and cowl necks. If you want to mix different colours or go for bright ones too you can. The idea is to bring as much attention to your top part because your bottom part already has everyone’s attention immediately you step into a room. We need to balance it out.

Pear shapes look great in A-line and princess cuts, waist-length jackets, and any piece of outerwear that hits mid-thigh. (Source: stitchfix.com)


Image of Joselyn Dumas via @joselyn_dumas on Instagram

You can wear wide legged pants or skinny jeans. You should wear darker colours at the bottom part because it’s more subtle.


Image of Joselyn Dumas via @joselyn_dumas on Instagram

Dropped and embellished necklines, open backs, dramatic sleeves, and belted styles will all play up your more slender upper body. A-line styles also look fantastic on you, which goes for skirts too. Any hemline that hits right below the knee will elongate your frame and slenderize the hips and thighs. Maxi styles are right up your alley as well. And bonus: They’re super comfy. (Source: stitchfix.com)

We hope these tips help you out.

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