Chichi Yakubu: How Founder Of Nyonyo Created Top Tier Restaurant From A Mobile Salad Business

Chichi Yakubu

With a Global Markets Executive MBA certificate from Harvard University and a Human Resource degree from Central University, anyone would have imagined Chichi Yakubu sitting in her plush office running her day to day activities with precision and power but she is putting all that skill and learning to use and running Accra’s favourite neighbourhood restaurant, Nyonyo Restaurant, a business which until two years ago was a mobile salad business.

Starting a business after school is one of the most challenging risks one can take on but for Chichi Yakubu, it was one of her many adventures.

Chichi Yakubu at Harvard.

Even as a young girl at Okuapemman Senior High School, She was one way or the other involved in business. This continued when she gained admission to read Human Resource at Central University.

At the time, her business interests ranged from clothing to electronics and catering. She would raise capital from her work and study abroad trips during vacations and return home with quality designer clothes, perfumes and gadgets for sale to her already expectant student customers.

Chichi Yakubu

On the side, she was catering for her friends. She gradually became famous among her friends for being a great cook. This increased her interest in catering and would lead her to start a mobile salad business after school.

Recognizing that the growth path for her business would be to pay close attention to detail and to strongly commit to excellence in everything she did, Chichi resigned from her day job to focus on Nyonyo Restaurant and transformed the business into a fully blown restaurant in 3 years. Today, she serves clients such as MTN Ghana, National Petroleum Authority, British Council, NTHC, EIB Group of Companies. Chichi also worked with Sarkodie and Tracy for the christening of Titi. “Sarkodie still calls me personally to order food”, she added.

“I have always been entrepreneurial”

Chichi Yakubu

Even as an HR consultant, putting together a team was a daunting task. “Recruiting my ideal team! That was my major challenge,” She told ​

“As an HR consultant, my professional skills were tested, I had to choose between looking out for excellence or for potential”.

She chose to create a happy place out of her workplace for her staff. This has been her path to a strong corporate culture and human resource. “I have worked with some of the brightest minds, ever since.”

Chichi Yakubu

Nyonyo Restaurant serves a variety of local dishes for the Ghanaian who loves to eat good food, live, laugh and love. It is located at East Legon, American House. They are also known for serving Accra’s favourite Jollof – Nyonyofied Jollof.

Though Chichi told ​​ she aspires to be a leading example for women entrepreneurs on the continent, she already is an inspiration to many who have encountered her.

Her shining example has also been recognized by others. In 2018, Nyonyo was awarded the most Engaging Restaurant on Social Media at the Guest Experience Masters Awards and was nominated for the Best Restaurant award.

Chichi Yakubu

“We are currently gunning for the best Indigenous Restaurant at the Ghana Industry CEO Awards,” Chichi added.

When asked about her plans for the future, Chichi says Nyonyo will soon have outlets in other parts of Accra and a franchise outside the country.

She also has customized recipes and products cooking.


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