3 Things You Should Never Do In Public

sponge bob biting his nails GIF
sponge bob biting his nails GIF

By all standards there are certain things that we have been brought up not to do in public. However every now and then we see people do the very things we have been told not to do and they do them so comfortably. As a way of reminding ourselves and preparing for the day when we can go out without fear, here are 3 things you must never do in public under any circumstance.

1. Picking Your Nose.

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Yes! Don’t pick your nose in public. It’s so gross, it’s a massive turn off. Most people find nose picking as a very nasty thing to do in public. We know the mucus is blocking your inhalation and exhalation of air but don’t do it! Don’t pick your nose in public.

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