The Best RJZ Music Videos…Ranked!

RJZ Bye Bye music video

If you have listened to the La Meme Gang member, RJZ’s music, you’d know he’s a talented singer and rapper and can basically do anything. There are just a few artistes doing amazing right when it comes to music videos and RJZ is one of them.

He hasn’t released a lot of videos but, it’s obvious he’s on to something special and I find myself watching his videos attentively most of the time instead of just leaving it to play in the background.

Watching his previous videos lets you know he has learned a lot over a period and after heavily disappointing me with his Wowzers music (Hear me out…An animated video game style would have fit the song perfectly!), RJZ’s next videos have done nothing but impress me.


I have never shed tears because of a music video before but this almost made me cry real hard girl tears. Bye Bye is an emotional song that definitely conveyed the right emotion with the video.

Just the song would have just made anyone think “aww” but the video is what made me sit up and appreciate the song properly! RJZ and his team did an amazing job telling the usual story of a man leaving the love of his life to seek greener pastures but the unexpected end, letting us know that it’s not always happily ever after was what had me! That and the brilliant acting from the albino couple, the symbolism (which seems to be something he’s great at) made this video worth the 100s of times I’ve seen it.

This music video is art.

#2 Not Yours ft Mac M

We all remember the controversy that led to this particular song. RJZ broke a girl’s heart and when she came online to rant about him cheating, he responded with this song. Now whether that was orchestrated or not, the video describes perfectly what RJZ was saying in the song. The symbolism was such a great way of telling the story instead of just sticking to him partying with a 100 girls to convey his “f*Ck boy” lifestyle.

Instead, he told the story of how he’s right there but at the same time unavailable to his women. The evasive chase through the uncompleted building and most especially, the protective gear (bulletproof vest) that saved him from getting tied down almost made it seem like, he likes the idea of falling in love and might want to but he’s the same person stopping himself from allowing that.

#3 For Life

We can all agree that RJZ is a great storyteller when it comes to the music videos and he and Henry Akrong are a perfect team…right? For Life is his very recent single, released under his new label, Twist Entertainment Legacy. It’s impressive how he tells a whole story in 5 minutes or less but each scene does not seem redundant or draggy.

On this song, he was falsely accused of rape by his girlfriend’s dad and had to spend years in prison. This time, there was a happy ending. There’s something about the story and the title that make it a perfect fit: love tested against time.

#4 Hello Daddy

Hello Daddy is a fun and interesting song basically about RJZ’s sexual prowess. The bright colours and focus on his excitement throughout the song added something to the raunchy lyrics. He’s clearly a well-known ladies man from the video and RJZ never misses an opportunity to drop something symbolic in his music video. This time, it’s a lady’s hands clapping while he sings about his ‘power’ and getting applauded for his performance. The whole video can be interpreted as him, daydreaming about all the things he is capable of while he waits in his broken-down car for someone to rescue him. (Surprise, it was a lady).

You’d have a fun time watching this video honestly.

RJZ is creative and we’d honestly appreciate more music videos from him.

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