Is Ahkan’s Song Ft AY Poyoo, Ablekuma Nana Lace And Shatta Bandle Worth The Listen?

Ahkan, Ablekuma Nana Lace AY Poyoo Blessings
Ahkan, Ablekuma Nana Lace and AY Poyoo (image via YouTube)

All I kept seeing on social media this weekend was this new song from Ahkan. It was everywhere.

“What’s so special about the song?” Well, he featured three of Ghana’s recent viral sensations: AY Poyoo, Ablekuma Nana Lace and Shatta Bandle.

Now where do I start from…

Ahkan's music video for Blessings ft AY Poyoo, Ablekuma Nana Lace, Shatta Bandle
Ahkan’s music video for Blessings ft AY Poyoo, Ablekuma Nana Lace, Shatta Bandle

The Good

The good thing about this song was the video. It was quite comical, the props weren’t bad at all and there were some really cool surprises but that wasn’t all.

Ahkan proved he owned the track cos everything concerning his intro and chorus was on point. I really don’t know about anyone else but I think it was really dope. The beat was awesome and I really was getting lit the minute the song started.

When Ablekuma Nana Lace started his verse immediately after Ahkan did his thing, I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve always thought he had potential from all those freestyles but look, I hope his style is better appreciated after this track because he really did good. His delivery was frigging impressive!

I didn’t want it to end and it’s probably why I kept listening and because now I had hope for the song.

Then AY Poyoo and Shatta Bandle happened.

The Bad…& The Ugly

AY Poyoo’s verse was ok. I say this because we’ve had to hear more than one single from him so I wasn’t surprised with his contribution to the song but…what totally bothered me was when he decided to rhyme “ei” with the common two church praise song, “Ebenezer”. It’s the worst part of the song. The shrieking was totally unnecessary and his verse would have been fine without it.

For Shatta Bandle, I really thought just making an appearance in the video would have been fine because he really could have done without a verse. He should have just ran a short commentary over the beat bragging about his wealth like he did briefly, rather than trying to make it sound like an actual rap verse.

Whoever wrote his verse for him should have put in a little effort.

My final thoughts?

This song with just Ablekuma Nana Lace as a feature would have been way better. Just that part of the whole song was what was worth listening to in all honesty. I hope he gets more features. He’s got a very interesting style.

Watch the video for Blessings featuring AY Poyoo, Ablekuma Nana Lace and Shatta Bandle here:

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