Here Is Why #JusticeForIzu Is Trending

Victim of abuse

The subject of rape is one very sensitive topic, mostly because of the devastating effect it has on the victims of this awful crime.

It robs them off their dignity and their sense of self.

Due to societal pressure, a significant number of victims choose not to confirm or report that they have been raped let alone to identify their perpetrators.

This has created the need to often believe people when they say they have been raped or sexually abused. This has also created the need to protect the identity of the victims.

However, without discrediting any survivors experience, others have also taken advantage of the protections of victims to falsely accuse others of rape and/or sexual assault or harassment.

Today, the sad story of the Nigerian, Izu is serving as a dark reminder of what happens when someone is allegedly wrongly accused of a sexual crime.

Izu was added to a list of sex crime offenders. The curator of the list had received his name from someone who said Izu sexually harassed her.

In an effort to create a safe space for the victim, repeated attempts by Izu to seek clarification on the circumstances surrounding how he allegedly committed the sexual crime were futile.

Unable to clear his name, Izu reportedly took his own life.

Izu was troubled at what he saw as false accusation and his inability to be able to clear his name of wrong doing.

Izu’s Twitter account is private – here are some screenshot that tells the story from his point of view…

While the court of public opinion is now gravitating towards protecting the victims, Izu’s story is also telling us that we must find alternatives for accused persons to also have the opportunity to clear their name.


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