Harry Maguire: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Man Utd’s Captain

Manchester United's captain Harry Maguire (Image via PA)

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has been criticised by fans in recent games for his poor performances which have resulted in the Red Devils failing to win some crucial games.

Manchester United have been amazing since the Premier League restarted, but have failed to grab wins against Southampton in the Premier League and Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final.

Fans have criticised Maguire after these games for the performances he put up.

Away from all the criticisms that at thrown at him, there are some interesting facts about Harry Maguire that we would like to highlight.

You might have a different perception about the defender after reading these facts about him.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Maguire that you may not have known:

2. He was an A* student at school

Not only did Maguire show talent on the football pitch from a young age, he also was gifted in the classroom.

His former deputy headteacher, Sue Cain, said: “He had his head screwed on even at that age. He did everything you asked him to do and he never questioned why. He was popular, and he was huge.”

“Even at a young age he was very tall but he has filled out since then too. He towered over the other teams. He got A* and A grades in his GCSEs.”

“I think he would have gone on to study business or maths and probably would have been an accountant. He was very capable academically,” he added.

Harry Maguire (image via Squakwa)

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