5 Unsolved Mysteries About World War 2


Let’s do a little history today, shall we? We have all heard some stories around the World War 2 and all that took place in that era. Apparently, there some unsolved mysteries aside all the heroic stories and bloody tales we heard.

Here are 5 of such mysteries


Nazi gold train - Wikipedia

In April of 1945, it was pretty clear to the Nazi forces that the war was almost over, and it wasn’t going in their favour. According to some accounts, they loaded a train with Nazi treasure, including gold and other valuables looted from Jewish victims of the Holocaust and sent it on a trip through the Owl Mountains where it disappeared. Some believe that the train vanished into tunnels created in the mountains as part of Der Riese, a secret facility built by the Nazis during the war. In spite of the efforts of countless treasure hunters over the decades, however, the so-called Nazi “ghost train” has never been recovered.

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