5 Realistic Pieces Of Advice If You’re Going Through A Breakup

relationship cheat Closeup of sad young woman in living room with man after an argument

Breakups suuuccckkk!! Apart from feeling like your whole world has come to an end and the fact that you wasted all that time with the person, you also have to deal with people figuring out that you’ve broken up and the whole “Oh what happened” and them looking at you with pity in their eyes.

If you’re currently in this situation, here are some pieces of advice you need to read and implement.

1. Bingeing on anything will not help you

Most people try to drown their sorrows in eating, movies, alchohol, Ice cream and the likes. We get it. You need some sort of distraction and you’re getting it from these things but they won’t help you long term. You cannot ignore how you’re feeling currently. Those emotions are meant to be felt so feel them and let go.

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