Cardi B Reveals She Currently Has No Management

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Cardi B revealed on Twitter that she currently doesn’t have a manager.The rapper responded to a fan’s tweet, asking who her management is, to which Cardi responded, “I don’t have no managers .NONE AT ALL! My lawyer handle my business.

Cardi also cosigned a tweet from another fan, who was explaining her management situation to another Twitter user. The fan, user @ratedrword, was responding to a tweet that falsely stated that the rapper is in a legal dispute with Quality Control Music due to management issues.“She’s not in a legal dispute with QC cuz she was never signed to QC,” @ratedrword wrote. “Her litigation is with KSR. Which has nothing to do with her current label Atlantic. She’s had a legal battle with them since before IOp dropped. She’s not releasing cuz she doesn’t have to iop is still charting.”Cardi retweeted and agreeably responded to the user’s tweet, writing, “This ! This right here !”

Source: Complex

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