6 Things You Should Expect If You Haven’t Been To Church Yet

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One of the many many things that happened as a result of the pandemic was churches shutting down. However, with some regulations in place, the government allowed them to open again. And things are not quite the same. For one, a lot of people are still not going to church.

And once you do go back to church, there’s a little bit of a shock. Here are some things that you can expect going back to church right now.

You Have To Book Your Seat Through An App

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2020, ladies and gentlemen. Who saw this coming? Churches are only allowed to take 100 people per service. As a result, some churches have devised a way to make that selection impartial. You get the churches app, and you book your seat in advance for a service. If only we could book our seats in heaven this simply.

The Coronavirus Safety Measures

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Another thing that might throw you off a little when you first go back to church is the anti-Coronavirus measures that have been put in place. There’s a whole procedure that you have to follow before you can enter a church. There’s the obvious washing of hands, and then after that, you get your temperature taken. After which you put down your name and your contact information.

Masks That Match Clothes

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Is it too inappropriate to call the latest fashion trend Corona-Coture? Well, whatever you want to call it, masks have become a part of church culture. If you have to wear a mask anyway, why not make it as stylish as you can? When you go back to church, you’re more than likely to notice a few people whose masks are made to match the clothes that they are wearing.

Social Distancing Chairs

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Services now have chairs put at a distance away from each other. The spacing of chairs in church is a little unsettling, but it is a necessary measure to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

One-Hour Services

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Church services are now supposed to last for just one hour. Who knew that all it would take for churches to stick to closing times was a global pandemic, right? I’m kidding. I’m kidding. The time is still going

A Lot Of Fist Bumping

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You go to church and you haven’t seen a lot of people in a really long time. But no—no handshakes, no hugs. All you get to do is fist bump everyone. Your church bros? Fist bump. Your church crush? Fist bump. Your pastor?? Fist bump. Everyone gets a fist bump.


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