Ghanaian Photographer Joshua Kissi Leads A Team Of Creatives In New BeatsbyDre Campaign

Ghanaian Photographer Joshua Kissi Leads A Team Of Creatives In New BeatsbyDre Campaign

Ghanaian Photographer Joshua Kissi has lead a Team Of Creatives in a new BeatsbyDre campaign.

In an Instagram Post, Joshua Kissi wrote, “During the peak of quarantine I had the opportunity to photograph these amazing creatives virtually from the comfort of our homes. We got scrappy and creative as possible to make this all come to life. Directing this photo series which highlights four different creatives while social distancing was definitely challenging to do it all through a phone screen.

Beyond being able to creatively work while quarantined, this was special because it gave us the opportunity to amplify the stories of creatives who use their talent to stand for something beyond ourselves.” Below is the campaign by BeatsbyDre

Kissi’s virtual photoshoot features the latest colors of Powerbeats Pro and four rising creatives.

For photographer and creative director Joshua Kissi, the goal was supposed to be simple: a photo series that showcases creatives in their natural settings. The catch? The whole “social distancing” thing.

But what seemed to be an obstacle became part of the story.

“After the world opens back up, I really want people to look back and be like, ‘Wow, like we were really, really in that,’” Joshua says. “’In that time, artists chose to continue to create.’”

Through an elaborate setup that involved two iPhones, a laptop, props and endless collaboration, he was able to remain in his NY home and create this intimate portrait series of creatives in their homes.

With the new colors of Powerbeats Pro, inspired by self expression, Joshua partnered each artist with a color that celebrated who they were.

In each series, there was a different story. A different experience.

“Everybody’s pretty much their own color in a sense, right, a different tone of color and what they choose to represent,” he says. “And I just always found that beautiful.”

Corey Wash

“When I look at the color blue I don’t just think of one thing. I think of multiple things in a spectrum of how it exists. Which is funny because when I think of who we are as Black people, there’s no one definition to define us and there’s no one way to be. I think of blue in the same way.”

Corey Wash image via Joshua Kissi

Sage Adams

“Red to me means ‘go,’ even though it’s supposed to mean ‘stop.’ I’m always drawing these stop signs that say ‘go;’ I’ve been told to stop many times in my life where I’ve proceeded forward anyway. Red has always meant to stop me. And it never has.”

Sage Adams image via Joshua Kissi

Gab, the Sandbox

“Pink is one of my favorite colors. It just represents my mood musically perfectly. Warm, welcoming, fun. As a boy, pink also means breaking grounds for the first time.”

Gab, the Sandbox image via Joshua Kissi

Mellany Sanchez

“My strongest association with yellow would be in the material gold. The way that gold serves me in my style is so important and also turns back to that New York story … I’m not so much the flower girl.”

Mellany Sanchez image via Joshua Kissi

Behind the scenes with Joshua Kissi: watch to see more about the making of the photoseries

Source: Beatsbydre

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