4 Reasons Why You’re Experiencing Vaginal Dryness

First things first, there’s nothing wrong with you. You need to calm down and try to figure out if one of these things is what is causing you to be dry when having sex.

Vaginal dryness is mostly experienced by women going though menopause but it can happen at any age because of different reasons.

Remember that it isn’t okay for you to be having painful sex. It paves way for other infections like yeast infection. Also, it causes a burning sensation, bleeding, painful sex, soreness and UTIs that recur.

Here are 4 reasons why you’re having vaginal dryness.

1. Less estrogen

The hormone estrogen helps to keep the vagina moist and to maintain the thickness of the vaginal lining. Atrophic vaginitis (vulvovaginal atrophy) is a common condition that can occur when the ovaries produce a decreased amount of estrogen, which includes the prominent symptom of vaginal dryness.

Your body produces less estrogen:

  • At the time of menopause—then it is classified as genitourinary syndrome of menopause
  • After having a baby, particularly if breastfeeding
  • Medications which interfere with reproductive hormone regulation, such as those with treat breast cancer or certain gonadotrophin releasing hormone agonists.
  • Removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy of the pelvis. (Source: helloclue.com)


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