The Thought Of Having Sex Is Scary – My Celibacy Story

Today’s anonymous contributor is a 24 year old male called Mr G who is a National Service Personnel.

I wonder how priests are able to do this thing called celibacy FOR LIFE. It’s so difficult especially because of pressure from the opposite sex and the types of names people give you because you don’t want to engage in sexual activities.

Personally, I chose to be celibate because, to be honest, it’s quite scary. I don’t have enough courage to accommodate the different outcomes of sex especially pregnancies and STIs. People talk about contraceptives but I do not believe in them. No matter how much you try to convince me, I still believe that there’s a chance the contraceptive will not work. If it doesn’t work, what will I do? I am not ready for the worst-case scenarios.

“When I’m in a relationship, I always give excuses to my girlfriend because I really don’t want to have sex. My girlfriend calls me “Angel” and her friends think I’m probably impotent or gay. “

I’m currently having issues with my girlfriend because she says the relationship is boring. We are both celibate though. I don’t hug her, I don’t tell her I love her and I don’t kiss her. There’s so much pressure from her but because I don’t see her every day, I’m safe. She doesn’t come to my house and I don’t go to her house either. If I have to meet her, we will meet at the roadside. Lol.

“I think it’s necessary to keep being celibate because, apparently once you start having sex, you can’t stop. And this will translate to you having multiple sexual partners because one person may not satisfy you. Some guys even say they can’t be with one girl and be okay and you need variety. This is something I really don’t want to do yet.”

I have given myself an age limit though. Once I reach that age, I will have sex but it’s really hard keeping myself. Sometimes, you just want to know how it is done. You watch movies and you see how people do it and it’s amazing. Sometimes, I have thoughts of watching porn just to see what goes on.

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