4 Times Kelvynboy Sampled GH Highlife And Naija Music On His Songs

Daasebre Gyamenah, Kelvynboy, Burna Boy

Sampling is quite normal in the music industry and in Ghana, we usually confuse that as “copying” which is just not true. One Ghanaian artiste with very clear samples is Kelvynboy. If you follow the talented singer’s music, you’d notice there’s always some really dope lines or melody you are familiar with from an old song!

We came across this video from Unorthodox Review where Kelvynboy’s samples were put together with the original songs and…it’s really satisfying. Take a look:

Kelynboy – Na You

On this song which features Stonebwoy, Kelvynboy sampled the Ghanaian highlife singer, Oheneba Kissi’s Asem Ben.

The sample starts from 1:26 in his second verse, right before Stonebwoy’s verse.

and the sample was taken from 0:18 of Oheneba Kissi’s 1999 recorded song.

Toyboi – Do Or Die ft Kelvynboy

On this song, Kelvynboy sampled the legendary Daasebre Gyamenah’s Korkorkor. The sample starts at 0:16 and continues into his chorus with a few more in his verse on the song.

The sample taken by Kelvynboy starts from 0:26 on the original song from Daasebre.

Kelvynboy – Anything

On Anything, Kelvynboy went more “modern” with his sample. He took his sample for this song featuring Kidi from Burna Boy’s popular song, On The Low. His sample appears at 1:24 in his 2nd verse.

And on the original Burna song, the sample was taken from 0:15…right at the beginning of the song.

Kelvynboy – MEA

Kelvynboy’s obviously got taste for GH’s highlife music. He sampled Nana Agyeman’s Araba on his second verse. The sample starts at exactly 1:15 in his verse.

On the original song, Kelvynboy’s sample was taken from 1:24.

Watch the complete video with all of Kelvynboy’s samples, placing each one against the original song here:

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Source: Unorthodox Review/kuulpeeps

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