Face Mask Pairings That Can Make You Go Mad With Stress

Things that make wearing a face mask stressfu;
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Face masks are now part of our daily routine. We need them if we want to stay safe while going about our daily business and as much as we all want to stay alive, these are the most unfortunate pairings with face masks

Face Mask + Glasses

It’s almost like you have to choose between trying to see and staying alive but, don’t worry, we have some tips on how to avoid fogging up your glasses here.

Face Mask + Lip Gloss

Choosing between moisturized lips and staying alive is actually very hard!!!

Face Mask + Makeup

Makeup products are expensive and you wouldn’t want to go all out and have your face mask wipe the bottom half of your face by the time you step out of your house. Who can see it anyways?? No One!

Tip: You can let your makeup products last more by only applying makeup to the top half of your face.

Face Mask + Communicating

For some of us who naturally read people’s lips when they speak, communicating has become extra hard because now, we actually have to depend on our ears alone. With communicating too, now you actually have to use words instead of smiling as a response to people. Imagine not being able to avoid conversations by smiling politely

Face Mask + Flirting

Flirting has become weird. You actually have to use words instead of just shyly looking at your crush and giving them the killer smile that has always worked magic on people.


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