Different Types Of Foundations For Different Skin Types

There are a number of different types of foundations on the market right now including liquid foundations, stick foundations, cream foundations and the likes and trying to choose one can be overwhelming.

Here is a breakdown of all the types of foundations and what do they do.

1. Liquid Foundations

Image of liquid foundations Photo: ALLISON KAHLER

Liquid foundation is probably the most popular of all the different types of foundation makeup.  It comes in many different formulas and consistencies.  For example, some are more hydrating for dry skin, while others are better at absorbing oil.  Some offer super light coverage, while others provide full coverage.  Whatever your skin type is, you’ll be able to find a liquid formula that works for you.

Liquid foundation can be applied with just about anything – from makeup sponges and makeup brushes, to your bare fingertips. (Source: lucytriesit.com)

Most of your favourite brands have foundations in this form including Fit Me, Superstay, L.A Girl, Milani, Zaron and NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop among others.

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