7 Laughable Things Some Ghana Policemen Have “Seized” From Motorists

Ghana Police doing checks (photo credit: MyNewsGH)

The police is your friend right? And in Ghana we have some of the friendliest police…maybe a little too over friendly.

The police are known to stop random people all the time and well, we all know that to avoid arrest for the most ridiculous things, you have to offer them “something small”

You have to appease the police. Call it a peace offering…

Here’s everything Ghana Police has taken from people:

1. Momo

screenshot via Twitter

2. Pizza

screenshot via Twitter

3. Cupcakes

4. Chewing Gum (Trident)

screenshot via Twitter

5. Peak milk

Apparently, this skit is based on a true story. Watch till the end.

6. Hugs from pretty girls

screenshot via Twitter

7. Rice

screenshot via Twitter

8. Clothes

screenshot via Twitter

Have you been stopped by the police before? What did they take from you in exchange for “No arrest?”

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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