Remember When Rihanna Used To Make Music?

Rihanna Through all her major albums

Rihanna just might not give us new music again and…The Navy, her fanbase are devasted! She has been going hard on her Fenty Beauty and fashion line and just yesterday she announced a Fenty Skin which will include a range of skincare products and that’s not all. We recently found that she’s also got a line of shoes launching soon.

This is all boss mode and good but…when is the album coming RiRi?

Even though she did mention that an album is on it’s way, it really looks like it won’t be coming any time soon.

So, if you are just like me and a member of The Navy and you are tired of worrying about having new music from Rihanna, it just might be time to heal and… what better way to heal than to go back to a time when she made music? #RememberingRihanaa

“Alexa, play Rihanna’s Take A Bow.

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Remember her breakout song that every single one of us could sing? The song that made her relocate from Barbados to get signed by Jay Z at Def Jam records and launched the very successful Rihana we see today?

And then, she gave us Unfaithful, the lead single off her Girl Like Me album. If you have never performed this song anywhere (including by yourself in your room) while emotionally singing the words, you aren’t a real fan!

Her next album came with a powerful single featuring Jay-Z, Umbrella. The song became her best selling single worldwide and the album it came from, Good Girl Gone Bad is still referred to as one of the best selling albums in the United States.

It hurt us all when we found out about Rihanna being abused by Chris Brown (some of her fans continue to hate Chris for what he did till date) but, not long after she got better, she was featured on Jay-Z’s Run This Town with her iconic chorus. Months after that, she introduced a ‘darker’ side of herself on the Rated R and gave us the big hit single, Rude Boy.

Rihanna became the IT girl to have on your singles and she offered some really unforgettable hooks and lines for several more hit songs from other artistes such as Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie. She moved to join Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label and then gave us her 5th studio album, LOUD which had the famous What’s My Name out as a single.

Then, her 6th album, Talk That Talk came out with another huge single that raised rumours that she was referencing her relationship with Chris Brown.

Her 7th studio album, Unapologetic had that iconic Diamonds song we all know how to sing. It’s no wonder that it became No. 1 on several charts in more than 20 countries worldwide and her tour was named the Diamonds tour.

She went on to drop more hit singles, most of which didn’t make the final track listing for her eigth album, ANTI. The leading track of ANTI was the famous Work. It was played everywhere so much so that some of us got tired of it. It currently has a billion views on YouTube

I could mention all the other hit songs she has but there’s not enough time or space to put it all together. The 9th studio album is reportedly going to be a reggae one, and is complete but…sis isn’t ready to release it and she’s not breathing a word about it anymore. Not even answering fans who ask about it.

But, we aren’t hurt at all. We are healing…remember?

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