Rap TV’s Top 7 Rappers To Watch In 2020

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2020 has provided the world with more stress, drama and anxiety than we would ever care to have to deal with. But thankfully, despite practically the entire year being canceled, rap music has dodged the bullet.

Rap music in 2020 is playing an important role in connecting humans and providing a sense of peace, and comfort. 

“Rap music has always been ingrained in America’s roots, but it has only really taken over the music industry as one of the most popular genres over the last few decades. As rap continues to become more individualistic, emerging rappers are coming out with new ways of making their claim in the industry.” 

As Rap music evolved over the years, it dabbled in numerous musical genres—including disco, jazz and reggae. RapTV mentioned “there are a number of hot new rappers to watch”, and we have rounded them up below. 

1.Kenny Mason 

A newbie to the rap scene, Kenny Mason humbly told his fans that he had never earned a million of anything in his life until his 2019 single “HIT” tracked over a million views! This Atlanta artist is one of the most exciting up and comers to watch, with his unique take on combing classic beats from the 80’s with current lyrics relevant to today’s society. 

2. Lil Loaded 

Drill music took over in 2019 and leading the charge is youngster Lil Loaded. The 18-year-old Texan became a viral hit with his banger “6locc 6a6y”, which is continually raking in millions of views. He is predicted to be the Lone Star state’s best breakout rapper of this up and coming decade. 

3. Fivio Foreign 

Synonymous with Brooklyn’s Drill Scene is Fivio Foreign’s “Big Drip”.  The use of his instrumentals to woo girls and his dominant personality has made him a name that is impossible to forget. He has already started collaborating with stars like Rich the Kid and networking with important stars in the industry. 

4. Dee Watkins

Continuing with Florida’s track record of producing young rap sensations, Dee Watkins is their next big thing. His ability to grab the listener’s attention in a song is a talent not many have. Combined with his naturally fun songs and engaging videos, Dee is a multi-talented threat that will be hard to stop in the coming years. 

5. Pop Smoke 

If you didn’t listen to “Welcome to the Party” last summer, did you even have fun? Pop Smoke’s show-stopping hit single was heard almost daily blasting from cars, apartments, and clubs. At twenty years old, his deep vocals made him stand out amongst his peers and even though we lost him in February this year, his music will still be impactful all through the year.

6. Rod Wave

After three consecutive Hunger Games mixtapes, it was his Ghetto Gospel project that launched him into fame at the end of last year. He found himself on Billboard’s Top 10 and was continually trending on YouTube for his artistic music videos. With already millions of fans following along in his journey, we are sure to see Rod Wave’s names on the Hot Lists for many years to come. 

7. Mulatto 

2020 will undoubtedly bring in a range of empowered female rappers, and 21-year-old Mulatto is leading the charge. This Ohio born rap star first came to our attention after winning The Rap Game reality series on Lifetime. Aiding in her fame is her instant sex appeal, as she dances with ease in her music videos and looks ultra-cool with her blue hair, blue Porsche, and Dolce shoes. Watch out ladies and gents, rapping is about to get a whole lot sexier with her in the mix!

This generation has certainly restored a whole lot of confidence that the art of Rap will continue to live on in glory!

Source: Rap TV

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