Poetyk Prynx: Mental Health Activism And The Heart Of A Creative

Photograph of Poetyk Prynx: Prince Enoch Kojo Afful

The Poetyk Prynx: Prince Enoch Kojo Afful, is a popularly known spoken word artist and poet. However, Prynx is also so much more. The Ghanaian-born, Nigerian-raised creative is also a writer, illustrator, graphic designer, content creator, saxophonist—and to top it all off, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics.

Prynx is a Poet. He makes his living off his art. And like a lot of other creatives, he is prone to being judged for not doing something more practical. However, Prynx moves forward with his art—he champions causes of social justice, he puts on shows that spotlight creatives—and he does it all because of his passion.

Why Not Engineering? Why Poetry?

Photograph of Poetyk Prynx: Prince Enoch Kojo Afful

According to Prynx, he has been writing poetry for as long as he can remember. In fact he recalls writing poetry as far back as KG. It was a hobby of his. When he made it to SHS though—Accra Academy—he started to take poetry a little more seriously. Around the same time, he discovered spoken word and made a connection to it. It’s not far-fetched to say that passion for poetry and the arts have always been there. But Prynx has another passion too.

He calls Science his first love. In the University, he took his undergrad studying Physics for a Bachelor of Science program. And according to Prynx, the reason that he is not pursuing his interest in Engineering right now, is because he’s not in the financial position to continue with a post-graduate degree.

So right now, he does art. He does the things that brings him the most fulfillment at this particular point in time.

Photograph of Poetyk Prynx: Prince Enoch Kojo Afful

As for his other skills, Prynx believes that he learnt a lot of them out of necessity. For example, he started to explore graphic design simply because he needed cover art for some of his spoken word, and professional graphic design is quite expensive. And rightfully so, Prynx adds. However, he was just unable to afford it at the time, so he taught himself.

Mental Health, And Speaking Through His Platform

Photograph of Poetyk Prynx: Prince Enoch Kojo Afful

One of Prynx’s main focuses as an artist is mental health. As a society, we don’t talk about it. We don’t have these types of conversations. Prynx himself was diagnosed with clinical depression, and naturally, he has dedicated his platform to raising mental health awareness.

Everyone Should Take Care Of Their Mental Health. Also, Be Kind And Empathetic.

—Poetyk Prynx

His activism is one of his largest motivators. It is what pushes him to keep growing his platform—to keep striving to be heard. As well as mental health, Prynx will champion any causes of socio-economic injustice. He understands what stigmatization means and as a result he constantly aligns himself with people who have been wronged and the maligned.

He is—by its definition—an advocate.

Poetry Money And The State Of The Ghanaian Creative

Photograph of Poetyk Prynx: Prince Enoch Kojo Afful

As we’ve said, Prynx makes money off his art. He frequently has shows of his own, and he makes appearances at other artistes’ shows. However, monetization is hard. On streaming platforms, there are not a lot of people playing poetry/spoken word on repeat. So it’s definitely hard to monetize through streaming. And then even at his shows, sometimes he’s not able to make back what he invested by way of setting up.

However, Prynx keeps going because he has people who believe in him—people that he absolutely cannot let down. He also has an intense passion for what he does. And that passion is evident through the sheer number of programs that Prynx is a part of.

One of his first shows, Kaleidoscope—which started in 2015 and happens once a year—is still going strong. The show is a collaborative one that brings artists from different mediums together under a single theme. So, photographers, graphic designers, poets, musicians, etc all come together to tackle one theme and create a sort of kaleidoscope—providing vastly different perspectives of a single message.

If There’s Anyway For The Creative Society To Bloom, It’s Collaboration.

—Poetyk Prynx

Prynx also has creative hangouts that he organizes named The Call, and a mental health group called The Sanctuary.

If you want to support Prynx, and check out his work, you can find his pages below. You can also get in touch with Prynx through his manager Nii Nai Ako-Okai (@ghanaianmuse), who is also a writer, videographer and a photographer.

Photograph of Poetyk Prynx: Prince Enoch Kojo Afful

We’ll leave you with some last words from Prynx: Stop asking creatives, “What’s your other job?” Don’t make us feel bad for chasing our dreams. And talk about your creative friends.

Content Strives On Interaction.

—Poetyk Prynx.



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