UENR: Meet Dora Asemonu, Local NUGS General Secretary Aspirant

Dora Asemonu Local NUGS General Secretary Aspirant
Dora Asemonu Local NUGS General Secretary Aspirant

Hello, I respond to Dora Wepia Asemonu, an aspirant for the Local Nugs General Secretary seat. I am a Level 200 BSc. Resource Enterprise and Entrepreneurship student with in-depth knowledge in Management, Planning and Operations, and have also been able to achieve several Leadership positions such as Entertainment Committee President, Health Prefect and many more both in Senior High School and Junior High School, which I believe makes me more competent for the intend seat.

I am not only able to read well, but literate in all the best examples of the written word which mostly helps me spot common themes and think about Universal ideas. I can also get along with others, respect their individuality and strengths, as well as understand their weakness and needs. I have mastered how to form friendships, alliances, temporary teams, study groups, and negotiate the world of cliques and social hierarchies.
My motivation for UENR LNUGS General Secretary is based on my passion to serve and plug my contributions in seeing more growth and development with the union and UENR as a whole.

Below are the actions I will help implement with the influence of the seat if given the nod; I will:
• Advocate for Internship Opportunities for Students
• Disseminate adequate information on notice boards and social media through the help of the Public Relations Officer
• Ensure proper Documentation and filings for references
• Advocate for the formulation of NUGS in the second cycle institution in the Region
• Help organize Educative Seminars which will gear toward preparing the student body for life after School
• Help establish a subsystem which will assist students with their personal document preparation and editing, such as CVs, Cover letters et al.
I hope you will agree that I am the type of competent and competitive candidate you are looking for.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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