Did You Know: Flared Jeans Were Made For Men


Fashion really does come in cycles and we’ve seen a lot of styles come back in vogue over the past years; from choker necklaces to sweatpants to bucket hats to boyfriend jeans to mum jeans and even now to flare jeans, we see this happen over and over again. This is why you don’t throw certain pieces away because it could come back in season after a while.

Prior to corona, I saw a lot of people rocking the Flared jeans and looking amazing. If you’re confused about what flared jeans are, they are those “hold my thighs and leave my legs” jeans you’ve been seeing around.

Image of a lady in flared pants via @seywithlove on Instagram

Funny thing is that they were initially made for men. Yes! Lmao!!

If you go down fashion history, you’ll find that a number of things women wear now were initially made for men including heels.

Although no account exists of who invented bell-bottom pants, history first records them being worn by sailors during the War of 1812. The flared bottoms offered more function than fashion as the wide legs made it easy for sailors to roll up their trousers in the presence of high water. Bell-bottoms were part of the U.S. Navy uniform until 1998.

Image of men in bell-bottom pants via molpresents.com

Bell-bottoms entered the fashion world in the 1920s through the innovative stylings of French designer Coco Chanel. Chanel revolutionized the fashion industry of that era by taking women out of constricting corsets and dresses and putting them in trousers. Never shy about expressing the need for comfort in women’s clothes, Chanel was drawn to the loose fit of sailor pants. They later served as inspiration for her wide-legged trousers, known as “yachting pants” and “beach pajamas” — precursors for the modern day bell-bottoms. (Source: leaf.tv)

Sonny and Cher, seen here in June 1965, helped popularise the look in the US through their TV appearances.
Photograph: Photoshot/Getty Images

So yeah! We all need to thank Coco Chanel for first of all, freeing women from constructing corsets because only the Lord knows how the women were suffering back then. Even waist trainer for a few hours is a headache how much more this?

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