8 Various Ways Ladies React To Marriage Proposals

The man's proposal was cut short when the pastor asked him to stop

Romance movies or novels aside, as ladies we have at one point or another fantasized about going on romantic dates with the “true one”, laughing and being free around them, being proposed to. We even go as far as acting out how our reactions would be. To top it up, we daydream about the kind of wedding we would love to have, the preferable location, number of guests, delicacies not forgetting how stunning we would look in that wedding dress. There’s also the honeymoon. Sighs! I know most of us can’t wait to get married but we wouldn’t want to rush into it.

So before then read the different ways ladies react to marriage proposals

Emotional/cry babies

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These types of ladies would put their hands on their mouths and start crying as soon as the man proposes to them.  They are mostly shy ones. They’ll be like “I can’t believe this is real… (sob again)… It’s real”

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