5 Major Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

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Have you wondered why you’re not losing despite putting all tips you come across on the internet in place?. It’s a good habit for you to stay healthy, you want to maintain a great body physique but at times you forget all these and eat to your satisfaction. After all, food is a necessity for man. You find yourself craving for more food especially junks, you don’t like it when people waste food so you help them in finishing it.

Soon you noticed that your clothes are becoming too small for you, the zip can’t close.  You go close to a mirror and find extra pounds of flesh on your skin but wasn’t bothered until people started telling you how fat you’ve become. You go on social media and see pictures of banging summer bodies, toned and tanned abs, flat tummies, and you decided to go back to your former shape.

You’ve tried all tips and exercise and you feel they just aren’t working or maybe you’ve been doing it the wrong way. Below are a few tips on why you are yet to start losing weight.

Spot reduction

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Don’t be deceived into believing you can target or spot-reduce stomach fat or arm fat to lose weight. It is not about your natural body shape but more about genetics, how your hormones work, and your metabolism. The only way to reduce fat on any part of the body is to reduce the fat percentage of your whole body. Therefore, do exercises for full-body workouts

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