4 Types Of People Who Think They’ve Made It In Life

Image of a meme. Source: Twitter

There’s nothing more annoying than these people who think they’ve reached and they’re all that and so they sort of treat you like a second class citizen just because of the position they’re in.

Here are 4 people we meet on a regular basis who think that they’ve made it in life.

1. The people registering you for voters ID

Image of a lady registering someone via hsb.nl

This is a personal experience guys! Ei! The ‘tooknown’ they exhibit de33 chale! They’ll push you out of wherever the Centre is because they think it’s too crowded. They talk anyhow. They act like you’re a nobody and they act like what they’re doing nobody else can do it. My dear, it’s just filling of forms oo! It’s not because of small voters ID that you’ll start forming “big girl” or “big boy”.

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