Social Media To The Rescue: Moses Has Found His Good Samaritan

Moses Kwame Kaydee (photo by Jeffrey Daniel-Adoosey)

On June 21, 2020, we filed a report on Moses Kwame Kaydee, who was seeking help to take care of his younger sisters.

Moses has been through a lot in life as he has lost both parents and he has been the one taking care of his sisters without a well-paid job.

Moses, who is a photographer, at a point, was unable to work because he did not have his own camera and other necessary equipment. Due to this, he was unable to raise enough money to take care of his sisters and also pay for their school fees.

Jeffrey Daniel-Adoosey shared the story of Moses on social media to solicit funds to help him take care of his sisters and also get his own camera to enable him to work.

There is good news now, as a family that was touched by the story have taken full responsibility of Moses’ sisters.

According to Jeffrey Daniel-Adoosey, the sisters now live with the family, have their own room, a cook and a driver to take them to school.

The family also got Moses an apartment.

Jeffrey Daniel-Adoosey also indicated that Moses has also got a new camera, that was acquired with the funds that were raised and he will soon get a MacBook to help him work.

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