Once Upon A Time, Eazzy Owned The Airwaves With These Songs

Ghanaian singer, Eazzy

Who else thought Eazzy was never going to fall off the music scene??

Once upon a time, she owned the airwaves

She’s still making music now but you will agree that she’s doesn’t get as much attention as she used to get back in the 2000s.

Eazzy was the perfect female artiste…she exuded sex appeal, she had an amazing body, she could dance better than lots of artistes and her songs always went viral!

Eazzy channeled Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and all the biggest female international artistes we idolize and put it all in a simple track with enough tempo to make you learn her dance routines while you watch her captivating videos.

Her lyrics always exuded confidence. She was for female empowerment, always giving girls a shoutout and was unapologetically herself. Bo Nsem Ma Me definitely brought out every girl’s inner bad bitch, Wengeze was a feel-good song celebrating her badass self and Get Into My Pants exposed men and basically asked girls to watch out for these men after one thing.

These are the songs she released that will always stand out but first let’s just applaud this video for Scream!! At that time, she was really daring to have dropped a music video like this!

Now let’s look at her Top 5 throwback songs!

1. Bo Wonsem Ma Me

2. Wengeze

3. One girl

4. Go Go Wind ft Jupita

5. Get into my pants

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