Model Eva Apio Has Set Up A Charity To Help African Youth

Eva Apio

The old saying that to whom much is given much is expected is still true.

It has not changed as long as we continue to fight for a better world.

Model, Eva Apio has recognized this and has taken steps to pay it forward.

Though she has been in music videos and high fashion photoshoots, Eva gained more prominence when videos of her Instagram Live chats with FatherDMW started going viral.

Many assumed they were a couple and their interaction was also entertaining for many.

Now, she is using the platform to advocate for a worthy cause.

While announcing the creation of the Eva Apio Foundation, she said her organization would “respond to the needs of children and young people from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups.”

“Eva Apio Foundation is set up to ensure the informal social education of young people,” she added.

This will be done by supporting the development of the vibrant and diverse youth, empowering them and meeting their needs.

It will promote “their social development and enabling them access to economic and social recourses,” she added.

Eva Apio is using her voice and her platform to help – this is always a good thing.



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